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L&D Strategy with Milica SapicL&D Strategy with Milica Sapic

Learn learning strategy and more with the head of L&D at GetYourGuide, Milica Sapic.

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Milica Sappic

Milica Sappic

Talent Development Team Lead

Milica Sappic
Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

CRO at Innential

Daniel Carter

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L&D Strategy with Milica Sapic
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L&D Strategy with Milica Sapic

Milica Sapic, the Talent Development Team Lead at GetYourGuide, shares her expertise on a range of L&D topics, including how to excel in your L&D role, how to build a L&D strategy, and what KPIs you should track to measure success.Enter Path

How to measure the success of a L&D initiative


Key Takeaways

Depending on what the learning initiative is, you always want to see a type of behavioral change happens. A before and after.

When defining a learning initiative, you need to have the objectives and key indicators of success such as how many people are involved, the quality.

For example, an objective could be rolling out a mentoring problem. Then the key indicator of success could be a NPS score from the program's participants. A satisfaction score derived from a survey. You can also create a behavioral statement survey and have participants fill it out before and after the program. Then compare how their statements have changed, if they did, and make decisions on how to proceed from there.

After the complete the program, run the same survey to the participants, and you to see the outcome without the project and compare the results.

You can take it a step further by surveying people who were not involved with the program (for example, 50% of a team did not do the program, and 50% did), then compare results.

As you make your surveys, it's important to have defined success criteria you want to achieve. For example, "We want engagement on this platform we're using increase 10% quarter over quarter".

To help gather this data, you can use platform that already pulls the data of the user (for example: content engagement) but if you don’t have it, Google Forms or other form software will do. You can also use different models of evaluation, like the Kirkpatrick model.

Kirkpatrick Model: Four Levels of Learning Evaluation

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