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Because your employees are your greatest asset.

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About Us

We believe people are your company’s greatest asset. Through our assessment programmes, coaching and expert training courses, we enable companies to realise their employee’s potential and encourage creative capacity necessary to drive meaningful and innovative change.

What We Offer

Trainers On-Demand

If you have already decided on your company’s training needs and are looking to find the right trainer or coach to work with; we will provide you with matching profiles. Our trainers can cater to audiences in either English or German, and will work with you to design a course to suit your needs.
We handle all contracts, invoices and administration, so that you can focus on getting the most from your trainer or coach.

In-house Training Courses

We provide companies with in-house training courses on a variety of topics including leadership, communication, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, agile and more. From entry-level employees to executives, we have courses that can be applied to all teams, in every industry, and be delivered in either English or German.

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Company Assessments

At Innential, we care about creating meaningful change. We are working with researchers, academics, and business leaders, to define accurate and measurable KPI’s to track company success and employee effectiveness and engagement. These parameters enable us to perform in-depth assessments at your company, to pin-point areas for improvement. We will also provide you with the tools you need to track your ongoing improvements as you make changes and provide trainings for your teams, based on our recommendations.

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