Supercharge your teams’ skills
Speed up the way your organization and employees learn.
Get personalized learning paths out of 50 000 learning items from 50+ curated content providers in minutes.
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Goals and

Manage learning goals and objectives to drive business results.


Help your employees and teams achieve their goals through tailored learning paths.


Plan and manage reviews to stay on track with your progress.


Get full transparency of skills and skill gaps in your teams.

How Innential works?

Set goals and define skills required to achieve them.

Setup tailored development plan to achieve your goals.

Assess skills and get feedback on your progress.

Get full overview of skills and skill gaps in your organisation.

What EMPLOYEE gets

  • Personalised development plans
  • Easy access to knowledge and learning
  • Recommendations of internal mentors

What MANAGER gets

  • Full overview of skills missing and availalable in the organisation
  • Personal and team skill gaps
  • Overview of company progress based on goals and reviews

Clients and partners