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PostFinance Lab
European Commission
Innential is the most engaging learning platform out right now. It helped us build a learning culture that everyone participates in.
Thomas Klein
Thomas Klein
Thomas KleinHead of People and Organization
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Here’s how it works

Unlimited access to the world’s best education on a single platform

Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight - why limit yourself to one when you can access them all?

A single invoice for your whole company

We know you hate dealing with invoices so we took care of them for you. Every purchase on Innential is consolidated into a single monthly invoice.

Personalized learning paths that keep employees engaged

Each employee gets their own learning path based on their career goals, team goals, and learning style.

Watch your company grow every month

With built in progress tracking and activity charts, it's easy. Want to get your employees feedback? No problem - we ask them for you too.

The single invoice feature saved our accountants, managers, and employees dozens of frustrating hours a week.
Vamory Traoré
Vamory Traoré
Vamory TraoréTechnical Director
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