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L&D Strategy with Milica SapicL&D Strategy with Milica Sapic

Learn learning strategy and more with the head of L&D at GetYourGuide, Milica Sapic.

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Milica Sappic

Milica Sappic

Talent Development Team Lead

Milica Sappic
Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

CRO at Innential

Daniel Carter

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L&D Strategy with Milica Sapic
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L&D Strategy with Milica Sapic

Milica Sapic, the Talent Development Team Lead at GetYourGuide, shares her expertise on a range of L&D topics, including how to excel in your L&D role, how to build a L&D strategy, and what KPIs you should track to measure success.Enter Path

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Key Takeaways

The three challenges every company has to keep an eye on: the onboarding experience, compliance training (by law), and leadership development.

Leadership development is how you grow your leadership culture within your company. It's very important and must be tackled. Leader play a big role in the messaging you want to give across the company, so investing in providing skill sets and a context where leaders can learn and support each other is important.

It's important to have an information infrastructure that enables employees to start learning when they want to. They need to know that these resources exist for them, where are they located, how to navigate to their desired resource. They don't want to rely on other people to get things done.

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