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Workplace communication for leaders

Successful leaders are also compelling communicators.

They know how to craft messages that influence, persuade, motivate and inspire. They also know how to build their professional credibility by applying storytelling strategies. Whether you're a new team leader or an experienced business executive, this learning path will equip you to communicate with confidence, relevance and impact – and ultimately, to drive action.

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Skills you will learn
Communicating effectively in a teamCommunicating person-to-person

The five ingredients of impactful communication

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The recipe for great communication

Effective communication is a lot like a great meal: it contains well-balanced, high-quality ingredients. But what are these ingredients, and how much of each ingredient do you need? 


Watch this video by The Latimer Group to learn what successful communication and great meals have in common.


What makes communication successful?

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Great communicators are great storytellers

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Crafting your message through storytelling

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Communicating to influence

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