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Setting up people development in your organization

Employing the best talent is not an easy task.

Developing them once they’re inside in the company is even harder. That’s why setting up a people's development program is so important.

Unless you continually reinvest in developing your employees with well thought out development initiatives, they may become unhappy, be less productive, and even leave your company. Nobody wants that.

The good news is that this path will teach you how to set up a thriving people development program that your employees and colleagues will thank you for.

Skills you will learn
People Development

Introduction to People Development

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Learning and Development by GreggU

This presentation discusses the essential components of creating a learning and development process. It’ll teach you concepts that you’ll be using the rest of this path.

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Karen May, the Vice President of People Development at Google, explains Google’s approach to learning and development. She discusses the four tenets Google follows that makes their learning so effective.

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Learn the fundamentals of L&D

Includes 1 lessons from Icon, and 1 lessons from developmentprofessionals.org

How Google does it (employee-to-employee learning)

Includes 1 lessons from rework.withgoogle.com

(Optional but recommended) BerLearn and AIHR

Includes 1 lessons from berlearn.com, and 1 lessons from Icon