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Pillars of Modern People Development

Developing people has rapidly evolved in the last few years.

Especially under the influence of Covid-19. Many organizations have changed their people development strategies in order to prepare for the “new normal”.

In this path, we’ll examine what the future of learning in the workplace will look like. How can we make sure that employees are effectively developing, no matter where they work from? What skills will matter? How can we engage employees to maximize their potential and happiness?

We’ll also dive into HR Data. What is it? How can we use it? Why is it important? And how do we implement it in our organization to help us make better decisions?

Finally, that path will end with resources that teach us how we can get our stakeholders to accept our new ideas. This is very important. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, if people aren’t behind it, your idea won’t happen.

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Skills you will learn
People DevelopmentHR StrategyOrganisational DevelopmentPeople AnalyticsPersuasionCorporate Learning

The Future of Learning

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The Future of Corporate Learning: from Training to Learning Experience

Start the learning path strong with this excellent slideshow by FaberNovel. It will set the stage for the rest of the path. There are great insights here that will help you understand the transition from training to learning experience.

“With innovation cycles becoming ever shorter, companies are faced with a new challenge: keeping their key skills up to date in real time. This strategic dimension of ‘workforce planning’ cannot rely solely on recruitment; existing employees must be able to continuously learn new things. As such, the number one skill companies now look for is the capacity to learn, and companies are particularly looking for ‘learning animals’, a term coined by Google.”

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Find out what do some of the leading experts in the people development area think about the future of learning. Roundtable discussions are a great source of information. Sit back and relax while listening to insights from GE Healthcare, Deutsche Bank, and Novartis.


People Data

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Convincing People

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