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L&D Strategy with Milica Sapic

Milica Sapic, the brilliant Talent Development Lead at GetYourGuide, shares her expertise on a range of L&D topics, including:

  • How to excel in your new L&D role
  • How to build a learning strategy
  • How to convince stakeholders to support your L&D initiatives
  • L&D data points you should be tracking
  • How to measure the success of an L&D initiative
  • The biggest challenges facing L&D in 2022

And much more!

Personally, her first 90-days talk is especially brilliant for ANY level. She shares a repeatable process that you can follow that empowers you to excel in an L&D role, no matter how experienced you are. 

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People DevelopmentHR Strategy

L&D Strategy with Milica Sapic

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Meet Milica!

Milica Sapic is the brilliant Talent Development Team Lead at GetYourGuide. She also mentors L&D professionals at BerLearn.

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The first step is to understand the expectations of what you’re there to do because no L&D teams or roles are the same.

So when you go into an interview, have a set of questions for each hiring manager.

With these questions, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Some recommended questions to ask:

  • Key goals team is set to achieve and how do they support the business 
  • Key challenges team is facing (what is preventing them to reach those goals)
  • Future developments and development needs (team & individual)  


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