LEARNING PATHduration2 hours a week / 2 weeks

Junior UX/UI Specialist

This path will teach you all the necessary concepts to work in UX/UI starting at Junior Level.

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Skills you will learn
User Experience DesignUser Interface Design

Intro to UX/UI Design

VIDEOFREEduration 23 min
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What is UX Research? | Google UX Design Certificate

The goal of UX research is to prioritize the user and help bridge the gap between what a business thinks the user needs and what the user actually needs, before an expensive and time-consuming product is made.

E-LEARNINGEUR 12.99duration 15 min
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Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf is a guide to user experience (UX) design that emphasizes a collaborative, iterative approach. Through customer testing and continuous feedback, teams can create products that meet user needs and drive business success.


Dive Deeper into UX/UI design


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