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Digital Project Management

A digital project manager is a lynchpin in a company's success.

They’re in charge of bringing creative digital projects to life, from coming up with an idea, guiding a team to build it, to creating a strategy for it’s launch into the market. You’re the reason why a project gets done on time and on budget.

In this path, you’ll learn what digital project management is, when you should use it, and all the skills you’ll need to start using it at work.

It’s an in-depth path that will take concentration and hard work. But when you finish it, you’ll be able to confidently tackle complex projects without breaking a sweat.

Good luck!

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Skills you will learn
ScrumKanbanAgile MethodologyDigital Project Management


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What Is Digital Project Management?

This quick article gives you a great overview of what to expect in digital project management. It’s a longer lead, but well worth it. You’ll know by the end of the article if this is the right skillset for you.

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So you’ve decided to continue the path? Great. This next piece is a podcast called the “Digital Project Manager Podcast” (right to the point). 

It’s a roundtable discussion between industry experts about the role of a digital project manager.


Agile, Scrum and Kanban


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