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Agile Sales

This path will teach you how to use Agile sales methods to improve your sales effectiveness. You'll learn time management techniques top sales people use, the biggest time wasters to avoid, and how to use execute Agile sales methodology using SCRUM.

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Skills you will learn
ScrumTime ManagementManaging Tasks & ProjectsSales Approach

Agile Sales

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7 Time Wasters of Most Salespeople

Sales insights lab talks about the 7 time wasters sales people should avoid.

VIDEOFREEduration 21 min
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This video walks though how to use the Scrum framework to help sales team focus their efforts in an Agile fashion to provide faster time to market and faster time to innovate.

This first video is an overview of the workflow process. He'll discuss the benefits and mechanics of how sales work gets decomposed into value.


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