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Here’s how it works.

Get real-time learning recommendations

Combine your team's critical skills with high quality curated learning content. The content can come from your company's internal sources or external Innential recommendations and is matched for every individual's need.

Track your team’s progress

Being able to see how your team is growing will allow you to better plan resources and ensure that goals are right on track.

Link personal aspirations with business goals

Your team members want to grow and learn. Help them do that by creating personalized learning paths in minutes, and connect them directly with skills required for your team to succeed.

Understand your team's strengths and needs

Save time while planning resources and individual development of your team members by having an instant overview of their current skills and needs.

Innential feels like a breath of fresh air.Thoughtfully designed learning paths sourced from amazing content providers, accompanied by carefully designed tools to facilitate success for learners and their managers. I cannot recommend them enough.
Serkan Durusoy
Serkan Durusoy
Serkan DurusoyHead of Engineering
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