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Here’s how it works

Create training paths for any topic

Innential supports any type of content. Videos, audio, files, assessments/surveys or scheduled internal events.

Enhance using external content from the Innential library

Add highly curated content from 50+ learning providers directly into your own learning path.

Integrate with your LMS/LXP or deliver at scale using Innential

Simply keep using your existing tools or deliver content with Innential platform.

Track progress and assess knowlege

Know your teams’ progress and skills that they improved over time.

Serkan Durusoy
Serkan Durusoy
Serkan DurusoyHead of Engineering
Innential feels like a breath of fresh air.Thoughtfully designed learning paths sourced from amazing content providers, accompanied by carefully designed tools to facilitate success for learners and their managers. I cannot recommend them enough.
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