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Project Planning in 3 hours (Beginner to Expert)

Having a good project plan is critical to making sure your projects are successful and everyone involved is happy.

This path will teach you how to manage projects with the best of them. You'll be confident and quick no matter how complex or large the project is.

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Skills you will learn
Project ManagementProject PlanningStrategic PlanningStrategic ManagementDigital Project ManagementStrategic Thinking

Setting up your project plan

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How to create simple, powerful project plans

This is the best project management article on the web.

Here's what it covers:

  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Employee engagement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Documentation
  • Social intranet
VIDEOFREEduration 11 min
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This excellent video with Adriana Girdler will l be going through the project planning process, how to create a project plan, and what makes for a top-notch project plan outline.


Action: Use the project planning template from Atlassian or Mural to plan your project

Includes 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from www.mural.co