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Leadership Development & Peer Learning

Lavinia Mehedintu, the co-founder of the renowned L&D community OffBeat , shares her 9 years of expertise on a range of topics, including:

  • How to start a leadership development program for both small and large companies
  • How to convince any stakeholder to support your L&D initiative, no matter how tough they are
  • Why peer learning is so important, and how to easily start one
  • The top challenges facing L&D teams today
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Skills you will learn
People DevelopmentLeadership Development

Expert Interview

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Meet Lavinia Mehedintu, OffBeat Co-Founder

Lavinia Mehedintu has 9 years of experience in L&D, from higher education to the corporate world. Currently she’s the co-founder of OffBeat, a space where “L&D’s never stop learning.”

Follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laviniame...

Visit OffBeat: https://www.offbeat.works/

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Lavinia discussing leadership development, who benefits from it, how to set it up, and what skills new leaders should focus on learning.


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