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How to use storytelling get anyone to love your ideas

Successful leaders and business professionals are also compelling communicators. They know how to craft messages that influence, persuade, motivate and inspire.

They also know how to build their professional credibility by applying storytelling strategies. 

Whether you're a new team leader or an experienced business executive, this learning path will equip you to communicate with confidence, relevance and impact – and ultimately, to drive action. 

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Start this path if:


You work in a team-based environment, leadership role or client-facing position


You want to persuade team members, managers, stakeholders or customers


You want to build your professional credibility


You want to improve your ability to influence and drive action in the workplace

Skills you will learn
StorytellingCommunicating effectively in a teamProject Leadership

What makes communication successful?

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The recipe for great communication

Effective communication is a lot like a great meal: it contains well-balanced, high-quality ingredients. 


Watch this video to learn what successful communication and great meals have in common. Then, answer the reflection question that follows.  (Note: You can answer these for yourself, but we encourage you to discuss and compare answers with peers in similar roles.)


Skip this video if you’ve already taken our Effective Communication learning path.


Reflection question: 


  1. What are the ingredients of effective communication? And how much of each ingredient do you need?
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Getting your audience to hear and understand your message is one thing – but how do you get them to care about the message? 


Watch this video to learn about the three levels of communication success and how you can achieve them. Then, answer the reflection questions that follow. 


Reflection questions: 


  1. How can you persuade an audience to act on your message?
  2. Which level of communication are you at currently? 

Great communicators are great storytellers

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Communicating to influence: Essential skills for leaders

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10 stories to transform your communication

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