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How the best sales teams use data to sell

This 20-minute path will teach you why and how you should use data when you sell.

The most successful sales teams use data to direct their sales efforts. Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and hundreds more.

Don't be intimidated - modern data tools are easy to use. You don't have to be a computer scientist to harness the power of data.

This path is a starting point in your data journey. Once you get into data, you'll never want to go back.

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Business Analytics

Data in Sales

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Unlocking the power of data in sales

McKinsey breaks down why using data and analytics is critical to modern sales success.

“Analytics plays an increasingly important role in B2B sales—and high-performing sales organizations take it to a new level to differentiate themselves from the also-rans.”

ARTICLEFREEduration 6 min
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Why data in sales is important, what sales data to track, and how to create a data-driven sales team.