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Deep Work: Maximize your Focus and Productivity

Do you find yourself easily distracted, bouncing from one task to another, and achieving less than you wish you would?

You should try deep work. Coined by computer scientist Cal Newport in his 2016 book of the same name, deep work is a way of working that teaches you to secure intense focus on a task over a long period of time. 

In this learning path, you’ll learn why deep work works so well, the skills needed to master it, and you’ll even set up your own deep work routine.

Once you complete this path, you’ll double or even triple your ability to produce high quality work. Highly recommended for every 21st century professional.

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Skills you will learn
Focused Work

Introduction to Deep Work

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What is Deep Work? | Cal Newport and Lex Fridman

Cal Newport and Lex Fridman and their take on deep work

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Blinkist summarizes deep work into five key ideas that you can easily listen to or read. 


Start a Deep Work routine for yourself


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