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Collaboration for remote teams

Remote work is changing the workplace as we know it. Virtual teams are rapidly becoming the ‘new normal’ for employees across the globe – and this trend is expected to continue post-COVID19. 

In this learning path, you’ll discover interpersonal strategies, practical skills and digital tools to enhance collaboration in your virtual team across distance and time.

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Start this path if:


You work in a team environment or are a team leader


You work in a fully or partially remote context


You want to enhance your collaboration, communication and teamwork


You want to improve overall alignment, participation, motivation, morale and innovation in your remote team

Skills you will learn
TeamworkRemote LeadershipCollaboration

What does successful team collaboration look like?

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How Google builds the perfect team

What defines a successful team?

Back in 2012, Google conducted a groundbreaking study: Project Aristotle. In this video, you’ll find out what this study revealed about successful (and unsuccessful) teams. 

Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with technical skills, communication software or personality types. Regardless of whether you’re in a physical or remote work environment, this factor will radically improve your team collaboration. 

Watch the following video, and answer the reflection questions that follow. (Note: You can answer these for yourself, but we encourage you to discuss and compare answers with your team.)

Reflection questions: 

  1. What is the single biggest contributor to successful team collaboration, according to Google’s Project Aristotle?
  2. Which factors do you think are necessary for optimal collaboration, motivation and idea-sharing in your team?

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What does effective teamwork look like?

In this TED Talk, Harvard Prof. Amy Edmondson shares her expertise on ‘teaming’. Using the story of an underground disaster in Chile, she illustrates how people can collaborate under pressure, address complex problems, and identify creative solutions – together. 

Whether you’re a new employee or have known your team for years, effective teaming will enhance your ability to collaborate, innovate, and motivate others.

Reflection questions: 

  1. What are the three requirements for ensuring that teaming goes well, according to Prof. Amy Edmondson?
  2. In which of these areas is your team currently succeeding? And where does it need improvement? (Would the rest of your team agree?)

Improving team dynamics virtually

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Team collaboration in the Virtual Age – Hands-on skills, strategies and tools

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