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Become a great manager and leader

Being a manager is hard – and being a great manager is even harder. 

From people management to technical skills, managers need a diverse toolkit to thrive in positions of authority, while also empowering their teams to excel. In this learning path, you’ll be equipped with actionable knowledge, skills and tools to become not only an exceptional manager, but also a trusted leader.

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Start this path if:


You’ve recently been promoted to a management role and don’t know where to start


You’ve been working in a management role for a while and want to develop your skills


You want practical knowledge, tools and strategies to help you become a great manager and leader

Skills you will learn
Managing tasks & projectsProject Leadership

True or false? Great managers = Great leaders

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Management vs Leadership

What are the differences and similarities between management and leadership? Can you have one without the other? 


Watch this video by Coach Alex Lyon (PhD). Then, answer the reflection questions that follow. 


(Note: You can answer these for yourself, but we encourage you to discuss and compare answers with peers in similar roles.)

Reflection questions:


  1. Which description resonates more with you in terms of your management mindset and approach (manager vs. leader)?
  2. Which areas of management and/or leadership do you want to work on?
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“Every year, millions of top performers are promoted to management-level jobs only to discover that the tactics that got them promoted are not the tactics that will make them effective in their new role. In Welcome to Management, Ryan Hawk provides practical, actionable advice and tools designed to ensure that transition is a successful one.”


If this blurb hits home for you, we recommend this Blinkist title.

Reflection question:


  1. Which aspect(s) of this book did you find most helpful, and why?
  2. How can you start implementing some of these principles?

What kind of manager are you?

Includes 1 lesson from Icon , 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from Icon

Key management skills

Includes 1 lesson from Icon

Managing remote teams

Includes 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from Icon

Is your team (dis)engaged?

Includes 1 lesson from Icon , 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from Icon