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Adopt an agile mindset

Agile is a methodology used by modern companies to deal with uncertainty, solve problems quickly, and rapidly improve work efficiency.

Since its inception 17 years ago, Agile has grown into a way of thinking that companies like Amazon and Google use to manage work.

When you have an agile mindset, you accept that you can’t know everything when you start working on something. That you’ll be able to approach your work in a way that allows you to continuously learn, adopt, and remove that uncertainty.

The path will teach you what an agile mindset is, how to implement it in a team, and how to use it for your personal work.

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Skills you will learn
Agile WorkingInnovation ManagementChange Management

What is agile and the agile mindset?

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Agile, Culture, and How to Make It Work for Us | Zaheer Ali | TEDxHastingsSt

This brilliant TED talk by NASA supervisor Zaheer Ali gives a great introduction on how agile works for us and our culture.

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Learn how agile has transformed the world of work with leadership expert Steve Denning.


Implementing agile mindset in your teams

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Innovating as fast as a startup

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