LEARNING PATHduration1 hour a week / 4 weeks

Promotion to Sales Manager

This path will help you transition to your new sales manager position. It will teach you better team communication, team management and giving feedback to your subordinates.

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Skills you will learn
SalesLeadership DevelopmentFeedback CultureTeam Communication

Getting started as a new sales manager

ARTICLEFREEduration 7 min
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You've Been Promoted to Sales Manager; Now What?

One of the most difficult career transitions in business is the promotion from star sales executive to sales team manager. So what should a newly promoted sales manager do in this difficult position? 

ARTICLEFREEduration 35 min
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Management can at times seem like staring down a large block of marble — an intimidating task that requires the right tools. And in our experience, most management advice tends to focus on tackling the biggest chunks: assembling high-performing teams through hiring, delivering tough feedback and checking in regularly.


Communicating with your team

Includes 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from Icon

Managing your team

Includes 1 lesson from www.inc.com , 1 lesson from www.copper.com, and 1 lesson from McKinsey

Giving feedback to your team

Includes 1 lesson from Icon , 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from www.indeed.com