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Negotiation for digital sales teams

Negotiation. Most salespeople dread it. For good reason.

Who wins? Who loses? Do you have to give another discount? Are you pushing too hard?

Lucky for you, after a few hours of this negotiation learning path, you'll be able to enter any meeting knowing what will happen before it even started.

You'll learn how to deal with objections. Different customer personas. And how to finish a deal in a way that your customer and your back account loves.

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The Painless Negotiation

Confidently negotiate great B2B business deals in the right way to deliver positive outcomes for you and your customer.

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This is one of the highest reviewed sales courses on Udemy.


We really like it because it teaches you everything you need to build a solid foundation to succeed.


Feel free to skip to the negotiation lessons. They’re practical and made for digital sales.