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Intro to Microservices

Dive deep into microservice architecture. First find out more about Microservices vs Monolith setup and then dive deeper into case studies and more advanced topics and examples. At the end get to know more docker and kubernetes.

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Gentle intro to Microservices

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Microservices Architecture – Explained in Plain English

This article will focus on the core concepts of what microservices actually are. A variety of real world examples and metaphors will be used to make abstract concepts and ideas easier to understand.

ARTICLEFREEduration 11 min
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My team and I just built a new messaging service. It replaced an aging subsystem in our primary application. We modeled the new service on real-life concepts. This simplified the data model considerably, unlocking new features that would have been a challenge to build in with the old data model.


Digging a little deeper into Microservices

Includes 2 lessons from Icon, and 1 lesson from Icon