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Intro to Application Security

Understand better the most common security vulnerabilities and best practices following OWASP top 10 and diving into practical examples!

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Skills you will learn
Application Security

Getting Started with Application Security

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OWASP Top 10 (Security Risks and Vulnerabilities)

Keeping up to date on current security threats is a full-time job. As a developer, you already have one. OWASP is a community-based team of security experts that can influence the way you code future projects, analyze your current code, and grow as a developer.

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Security is an ever more important topic for system designers. As our world becomes digital, today’s safely-hidden back office system is tomorrow’s public API, open to anyone on the Internet with a hacking tool and time on their hands. So the days of hoping that security is someone else’s problem are over.


Practical Training in Application Security

Includes 1 lesson from Kontra