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Communication skills for teams

In an ideal world, there would be no misunderstandings, unread emails, missed deadlines or group conflicts.

Today’s business environment is more fast-paced than ever – and despite the convenience of technology, communication is an ongoing challenge.

This is why effective communication is an essential part of your professional toolkit, and the foundation of a cohesive work environment.

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Start this path if:


You work in a team or are a team leader


You want to enhance your communication with team members, managers or stakeholders


You want to improve group communication and collaboration in the workplace

Skills you will learn
Communicating effectively in a teamTeamwork

Step 1

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How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it)

Whether you’re at home or at work, communication isn't a one-way street: it's all about transaction. This TED-Ed animation illustrates why communication sometimes goes wrong, and how this can be prevented.


Watch the video, and answer the reflection question that follows.(Note: You can answer these for yourself, but we encourage you to discuss and compare answers with your team.)


Skip this step if you’ve already taken our Effective Communication learning path.


Reflection question:


  1. According to the transactional model, why does miscommunication happen? 
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The success of any team relies on good communication. Watch this video to learn about five key areas that can enhance your team communication quickly and effectively.

Whether you’re a team member or leader, you can use these tips when engaging with your colleagues, managers or stakeholders. 

Watch the following video. Then, answer the reflection question that follows. 

Reflection question:

  1. Which of these areas is your team currently succeeding in? And which ones need urgent attention?

Step 2

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