LEARNING PATHduration2 hours a week / 3 weeks

Best Practices in Software Architecture

This path will teach you all about clean architecture, the basics of SOLID principles as well as the overall best practices in software architecture

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Skills you will learn
Software Architecture

Best Practices in Clean Architecture and High Level Design

VIDEOFREEduration1 h 12 min
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Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Clean Architecture and Design

What makes a design clean? How can we evolve our systems towards clean architectures and designs in an incremental Agile way

VIDEOEUR 14duration1 h 22 min
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This episode destroys the common myths about software architecture, and reveals what software architecture is really all about.


Software Architecture and SOLID principles

Includes 1 lesson from Icon, and 2 lessons from Icon

Clean Code in the Browser

Includes 1 lesson from Icon

Alternatives to Uncle Bob

Includes 1 lesson from Icon, and 1 lesson from Icon